Attention Online Retailers:

Discover why you're not getting all the revenue your online store deserves

Our new online store audit uncovers your missed revenue opportunities, why more customers don't buy from you, how to sell more each time, and what you can do to fix what's broken and jump start your online store sales now.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee - if you honestly believe that you don't see the value of the audit, let us know before the end of audit strategy call to receive a FULL 100% REFUND!

Turn Your Store Into a Selling Machine

Get your online store working as hard as you!

Identify Website/Store Issues

We'll analyze your site's design, performance, search engine optimization, site marketing and its ability to convert visitors into clients.

Improve Your Site Redesign

We will provide site improvement opportunities including those to improve more orders, more email signups, site usability, product/service merchandising, site speed, and brand positioning.

Review the Shopping Funnel

We'll discover issues preventing order place by reviewing the store homepage, product detail page, shopping cart, site search and more.

Expert site review from a 20+ year industry veteran

Since 1997, David Wauters has been helping others sell online. David has worked in the day-to-day of some of the largest online retailers and well-known brands. The audit is jam-packed with what works, resources and exclusive tips and tricks to attract more customers and generate more revenue.

The Ultimate Online Store Audit Details

Discover why this audit will change the game for your online store revenue!

Get 20+ years of eCommerce best practices for your online store

We'll review your online store through our exclusive best practice 125+ audit point framework.  You'll know what's important to run a highly successful online store.

Audit points are grouped into 8 sections - Overall Store, Product Listing Pages, Product Detail Page, Cart & Checkout, Site Marketing, Site Search, Tracking & Reporting, and Legal (everyone's favorite).

Make a strong first impression

Customers will judge your online store is within seconds of landing on your pages.  Reduce your bounce rate by making a good first impression and show your expertise and authority while building trust.

Provide simple & effective navigation through your product catalog

Make it intuitive for customers to browse your store and discover their favorite products throughout your product catalog.

Make it easy for customers to buy your products

Put your best foot forward.  Give your customers the right product information, strong product imagery, and make it easy for them to add the product to your shopping cart.

Reduce cart abandonment rates and get more orders

Stop getting in the way of customers placing orders with issues in your Shopping Cart and Checkout flow. Be clear to avoid confusion and watch your conversion rate soar.

Shape traffic to your most important marketing stories

Guide your customers with your best and proven marketing efforts while providing curated merchandising results. Stand out with branded shopping experiences and memorable brand moments.

Provide a robust site search to encourage product discovery

Ensure this popular site feature is best-in-class.  Turn your site search into is one of the hardest working site features that provides great results for your customers.

Get powerful insights to understand customer behavior and what's working

Tag your site properly to get total clarity of popular pages and site functionality. Leverage retargeting pixels for additional off-site advertising opportunities.

Make sure your store is properly protected

Be transparent with your customers and what you do with their data. Ensure that your don't leave your business exposed to expensive legal issues.

The Ultimate Online Store Audit

We'll review your online store through our exclusive 125+ audit point best practices framework. Then, we'll have a 60-minute call to review the findings, answer any questions, and discuss next steps.

We'll hand-deliver a prioritized list at least 10 site issues (with details).

The audit report will be delivered via email in PDF format within 10 business days.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee - if you honestly believe that you don't see the value upon your review of the audit, let us know before the follow-up strategy call to receive a FULL 100% REFUND!

David Wauters
- Owner, OnlineStoreCoach.com

Featured Testimonials

“David just flat knows how to sell things online. Ecommerce is always changing, but David's approach and understanding of the fundamentals of online selling has driven profitable sales for 20 years. And you won't find anyone easier to work with.” 

“He is loyal, a quick learner, entrepreneurial, takes initiative, and has a fantastic sense of humor. His commitment and industriousness over the years have really paid off. David is a highly regarded, experienced digital marketing and commerce expert with a penchant for understanding and figuring out what works online, even on a tight budget. He has a natural talent for coming up with great marketing ideas, but equally as important, David has the know-how, passion, and technical chops to get things done right himself, on behalf of his clients. I am confident in his ability to help improve online businesses of all shapes and sizes. You'll want him in your corner!” 

“I worked with David for 6 years in the eComm/digital space. He is a great coach, highly engaged and a joy to work with! David is highly skilled, and not only has a passion, but a true understanding of what it takes to bring a business to the next level. From search engine optimization to content marketing and overall user experience, he knows how to make brands stand out amongst their competitors!.” 

“I have known David for over a decade now and can say without hesitation or qualification that he is among the best digital marketing executives I know. Smart, dedicated, experienced, willing to explore new ideas and listen to others and well regarded by his peers. His excellent people skills helps him get his points across effectively. I would strongly recommended him to any business owner looking to get to the next level in digital marketing.” 

“He’s such a nice boy.” 

Discover Why Your Online Store is Not Giving You All the Profits You Deserve

100% Risk-Free Guarantee - if you honestly believe that you don't see the value of the audit, let us know before the end of audit strategy call to receive a FULL 100% REFUND!